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Blood, Sweat, and Blog Tours

Slay Bells, the first of my Christmas Village Mystery books, is due for release on November 23rd. The cover art is done, the book has 150 copies sold in preorder (well, 149 right now, as it seems someone has cancelled their order, perhaps because they've entered the Goodreads Giveaway I set up?), and the editing of the manuscript continues. Must get it done soon so as to have the finished product ready for download on release day. And let's not forget the paperback!

But I'm beginning an all-new adventure now, or at least new to me. The Blog Tour. I like this concept much better than the old-fashioned book tour. The idea of traveling at great expense to sit all day in near-empty bookstores while patrons give me side-glances wondering if I'm going to assault them with a copy of my book just doesn't sound like fun. Writing posts and sharing my books on blogs where I know people who like cozy mysteries will be looking is absolutely ideal. My November/December tour is being sponsored by Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours and I can't express my gratitude enough to Lori, my tour leader. She's been great! I've composed 7 different blog entries and numerous interviews. Many of the participating blogs will also be reviewing the book, so that is exciting. I'll post more soon about the different marketing maneuvers I've made and will be making as I know other others like to read that stuff (I do!) as do some readers. If you have any questions or comments, leave 'em here and I'll see them.


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